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Cherry Blossom

  -  Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

I used tsanting mainly and applied the paint on each other many times.

2016 May

Resist Painting

How do I paint with bee-wax?

1. After sketching the picture on the canvas, I apply hot wax onto those area
where I want to preserve the white surface.
2. The most important rule is, to paint the lightest color first and cover them
with hot bee-wax. Next we move onto the darker shades. Following the
step by step method, I apply the paint then put hot wax over it. Where you
apply hot wax the color will stay the same as originally placed.
3. If you wish to change or darken any color, you may do apply an other
color on the top of the previous one. This will result in a deeper shade.
4. You can mix colors on top each other, for example put yellow first then
blue in order to create green.
5. Finally, I will have all the desired color covered with thick wax.
6. You can remove the wax between newspapers with hot iron.